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General Mentenanta

  We are a private company and we are part of COL TOTAL Group, headquartered in St. Salvation, No. 41 in the city of Buzau.

  The company was founded in October 2009, the need to meet the demands of changing markets and to respond to the area.

  The activity of the company is marketing through direct distribution of products for mechanical power transmission (bearings, belts, chains, seals, hoses), the products for maintenance and production sectors of different economic sectors.

  We provide technical consulting and service for our appliances that meet the different needs of our clients, in terms of price - quality ratio.

  We respect and clear working procedures, which ensure a high level of quality for our products and services.
  Our company puts the focus client's needs and wishes.

  Worthwhile business that are the best, the very best, those developed by us.

  Contact us today to get more details about our products.

To get more information about GENERAL MAINTENANCE, please visit our dedicated website at:



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